★ Kisekae ★

Once upon a time there was something called Kisekae Dolls, or KiSS dolls for short, which were basically scripted dress up games. A downloadable playable interface was necessary to play and after a while it was possible to open it online using flash applications. Since both downloadable kiss softwares and flash are decrepit I decided on creating some KiSS sets of my own using newer technologies, despite that they intended to keep the same style and vibe of the older kiss dolls games.

All Kisekae Dolls sets below open in another window, click the thumbnail to play.

Wizarding World (2020)
A project that seemed to take forever to finish, I realized that this one seems more like a "regular" dressup game than a kisekae set but I wont be doing this sort of separations. This set contains uniforms from Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, varied skin tones, hair colors and styles. The interface is a bit cluttered since some framework functionalities were discovered a little too late to be properly dealt with it and at some point I was just rushing it to finish for once.
Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn, from Sailor Moon (2020)
My favorite sailor scout! Includes outfits from the manga and various official merchandise and art books. Click the grail to activate mistress 9.
Umi Ryuuzaki, from Magic Knight Rayearth (2019)
Magic Knight Rayearth always had a special place in my heart for its designs and beautiful visuals. This set include various outfits from art books and the manga.